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What our coworkers say


Rodrigo Rodrigues

It is as if the comfort of being at home and the efficiency of a good office had a child and then Cowork Funchal, an “all inclusive” child, was born.

Rodrigo Rodrigues

Rui Dantas Rodrigues

Cowork Funchal gives you the opportunity to be at your work place and feel like you are at home, stay focused and enjoy life!

Rui Dantas Rodrigues

Hélène Fernandes

The good mood and professionalism with which we were received from the first day did not leave us indifferent. The friendliness, the spirit of togetherness and mutual help that is felt in the Cowork space make us not wanting to leave. We welcome the (fantastic) initiative and the courage to open such a space within our city. It is an excellent alternative for the most varied professional sectors. It is the perfect space for networking. It is a welcoming home for those who don’t like to work “alone”. We just have to thank Cowork for the care and attention that is made available to us every day, and with a genuine good disposition. Mondays have become less difficult when working in such a space!

Hélène Fernandes

Cowork Funchal is propitious ecosystem to the growth of a new business.

João Luís Gonçalves

Belonging to Cowork Funchal is, for me, very rewarding. For the space itself and for everything it offers us, for the good working environment, for the people around us and for all the dynamics involved!
Highly recommended to anyone looking for a friendly, efficient and relaxed work space!

Cláudia Alves

Working at Cowork Funchal is very motivating, as we feel as if we are one entity, due to the interaction, collaboration, companionship and, above all, good disposition that we find here, which, without a doubt, is an asset to face the day-to-day work.

José António Sousa

Pleasant environment that benefits the day-to-day work, where people help each other whenever they can. At Cowork Funchal there is sharing and good mood!

Márcia Fernandes

The Nearsoft staff wishes you the best of luck in this new phase. Your existence and your welcome were essential to make Nearsoft the reality that it is now in less than 1 year.

Pedro Camacho

Beautiful and wonderful place with a super familiar atmosphere, perfect for creating friendships and meeting people from different areas, with different points of view that help us to see new perspectives on realities even more fantastic than those we already knew.

Conclusion: it’s just love and beautiful people at heart.

Dina Trindade

Working at Cowork is not just about having a workplace, it is about being lucky enough to work with friends, those you know and those you get to know over time. The perfect mix of professionalism and family atmosphere in a single space. The certainty that at every moment you will feel inspired by someone and that your work can only be better with each passing day.

Luísa Aguiar

Pleasant atmosphere, fantastic space and an extremely attentive and available team. Cowork Funchal will always be my favorite place to work!

Clara Sousa

There are work spaces and there is Cowork Funchal. Here, whether in my Generative Coaching sessions and with NLP, or in the training I facilitate, the environment is always welcoming, creative and of equal value. In this house, the practice of collective intelligence and collaboration is incorporated into each element of this new generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. We came in with an idea, we left, at least with three. The attention is full and luminous. The motto is 1 + 1 = 3,4,5 … always with the face of conscious, resilient leadership and planetary intentions. Making a difference that we want to see the world. I usually say that the difference between Cowork Funchal and Hanahaus, in Silicon Valley, is the possibility of crossing paths or not with Elon Musk. I say this with the certainty that this possibility is an ever closer reality.

Rita Aleluia



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